Lighten up already,

if you know what's good for you!

The Universe Always Says
To Whatever
You Know To Be So.
The Universe never denies you,
is all it can know.
The Universe always says YES to whatever ideas you believe.
There are no ‘no’s’ to be found up the Universe’s sleeve.
Know that you can’t and you won’t.
Believe that you will and you will.
That’s not a great revelation, but heck, the basics hold, still.
Believe that you’re greater than struggle,
and struggle knows not your name.
But finds someone else it can bother
that thinks struggle is part of the game.
The Universe always says YES
to all of your conflicts with duels.
The Universe is your own playground
and YES, YES, YES are the rules.
YES to your worry with problems,
YES with much pain for your guilt.
Not because you are guilty
‘cause you’re programmed with guilt to the hilt.
Whenever you think life’s a downer
and you’re ready to settle for less,
the Universe easily gives you
so much less that it’s really a mess.
The Universe always says YES, that’s all it knows to do.
A victim will always be victim'd,
while dreamers have their dreams come true.
The Universe always says YES
to your tune of great joy or the blues.
The Universe always says YES
to ideas that you find that you choose.
The Universe always says YES
with trouble from all of your fears.
All of your fears become monsters,
like lions and tigers and bears….(Oh my!)
The Universe always says YES
to your courage, your faith and your spunk.
When you spit in the eye of adversity
the Universe says
with no junk.


A  Story

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Two young boys were in a barn filled with horse manure.
They struck up a conversation while in that messy stew-a.
One boy held his nose and complained about the stink,
while the other got excited as his mind began to think........
"With all this horsey poo-poo
that is all around the ground,
what  fun........because,  just maybe,
there's a pony to be found."
The moral of this story is, if you should find that you
are in a situation that is stinking through and through,
you could either scream with rage
and complain about the joint,
or look for something else, like a pony.
Get the point?
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Your Journey To Enlightenment Is Filled With Lots To Do.

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You Travel Up And Down Each Road And Every Avenue.
Your Library Is Filled With Books From Alpha Down To Zen,
Affirmations Line Your Wall From Your Kitchen To Your Den.
You Check The Daily News-Paper To See Who's Speaking Now
(At A Self-help Conference), You'll Get To Go Somehow.
You Drink Pure Bottled Water And Natural Soda Tonic.
You Fast At Least Two Times A Year And Tried A High Colonic.
You Meditate By Candlelight, Stand On Your Head At Times.
You Carry Lucky Charms Around With Your Nickels And Your Dimes.
However, It's Important To Remember What Is True;
That All Your Goodness Comes From You And Not From What You Do.



Nowhere Is It Written
That In Order To Survive,
You've Got To Be Like Everyone, Conform And All That Jive.
Don't Do What You Want To Do. The Message It Was Clear.
Do What You're Expected To.
Though It's More Than You Can Bear.
Walk In Someone Else's Steps,  Its Ways Are Tried And True.
It Doesn't Matter If Those Steps
Do Not Fit For You.
Stay In Line And Don't Make Waves
And Life Won't Pass You By.
That's Fine Of Course, Excepting That,
From Boredom You Will Die.
Dare To Be Yourself My Friend, You Have A Lot At Stake.
If you ignore your heart's desire.... you'll get a belly-ache,
a headache, a backache, a zit on your nose,,
a sore throat, a screwed up love life,
and God only knows what else.


It's Time To Move On Now, It's Time That You Know
It's Time To Go Forward, It's Time To Let Go.
It's Time To Release, It's Time To Accept
That You're On Your Own Now, It's Time To Reflect
On Tomorrows With You Now In All Sorts Of New Ways.
On Brand New Adventures, And Not Yesterday's.
It's Time To Get Over The Way That Is Was,
And Let Yourself Do Whatever Joy Does.
In Ways Of Great Splendor, In Ways That Will Last.
It's Time To Go On And Let Go Of The Past.
It's Your Turn To Be Now With Just One Concern,
What's Best For You Now. That's Your Lesson To Learn.
It's Time To Remember You're Important To You,
Deserving The Best In Whatever You Do.
It's Your Turn To Live Now, To Be All You Desire.
And Remember Your Essence, And Light Your Own Fire.

Animated Candle Flame




Your Mind Is Like An Oven
That Cooks Up What You Think.
Your Thoughts Become Reality Quicker Than You Can Wink.
An Oven Doesn't Care What It Is You Put Inside.
So Is Your Mind Accepting, From Your Thoughts You Cannot Hide.
So.....It's Up To You And You Alone If You Want To Be
Healthy, Wealthy, Wise And Such Or Live In Misery.
Your Moaning And Complaining And Your Attitude Of Doom
To Your Parade Brings On The Shade,
The Sun Can't Shine In Gloom.
A Great Big Truth For You To Know Whenever You're Upset,
Is Life Is What You Make It, You're The Designer Of Your Set.
You Write The Script, Direct The Cast, Decide How Each Scene Ends.
The Villains And The Heroes Are Your Enemies And Friends.
You Can Make Yourself A Victim That Loses What You Treasure,
Or Ride Into The Sunset Filled With Joy If That's Your Pleasure.
As Long As You Can Make It Up The Way It Gets To Be,
Why Not Make It Wonderful? There Is No Charge, It's Free.
It Might As Well Be Wonderful, You Make It Up You Know.
It Might As Well Be Blast-Off Time With All Systems Set On 'GO'.
It Might As Well Be Wonderful. There Is No Extra Charge.
It Might As Well Be Bigger Than A Size That's Extra Large.
It Might As Well Be Ecstasy. It Might As Well Be Bliss.
It Might As Well Be Ease And Grace And Know You Cannot Miss.
It Might As Well Be Scrumptious, Anyway You Please.
It Might As Well Be Apple Pie Without The Calories.
It Might As Well Be Kisses. It Might As Well Be Hugs.
It Might As Well Be Easy Going, So Smooth Without The Bugs.
It Might As Well Be Peaches. It Might As Well Be Cream.
It Might As Well Be Circus Clowns. Anything You Dream.
It Might As Well Be Pure Delight. It Might As Well Be Wow!
It Might As Well Be Paradise. It Might As Well Be Now!
It Might As Well Be Super. It Might As Well Be Swell.
It Might As well be what you want. I Mean Really, What The Hell!
It Might As Well Be Laughter With Despair Not Anywhere.
It Might As Well Be 'Letting Loose' And O.K. To Muss Your Hair.
It Might As Well Be Wonderful As You Write Your Play.






Reality comes from your thoughts.
That rule is where it's at.
What you think and feel turn real.
You can bet on that.

Don't place your faith in anyone
or anything but you.
'cause you're the one and only one
that knows for you what's true.

Yes, crystals are real pretty
to admire and to wear,
but crystals do not possess your fate
unless you're a chandelier.
Century 8 Light Chandelier with Crystal
No matter what conditions
of lack that there may be,
when you think your highest thoughts
you live abundantly.

There's nothing that's more powerful
and no one that's more wise
than the nature of yourself,
you are your grandest prize.

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Another Story

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A baby eagle from its nest
was taken one fine day
and placed with many baby chicks to grow up with and play.
And soon this baby eagle, with some chicks upon a shelf,
pecked just like a chicken and lost its sense of self.
He thought he was a chicken. Didn't know that he could fly.
And jumped just like a chicken. For an eagle that's not high.
And even though this eagle could really fly and soar,
he became much less than what he was. I'm sure it was a bore.


If you've taken on the ways of others that you see, 
imitating behavior of mediocrity,
you'll be just like that eagle and forget just who you are,
missing your potential and not get very far.


Don't be like that eagle who lived a great big lie,
and spread the wings inside your mind,
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