Lighten up already,

if you know what's good for you!






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So you've meditated, visualized,
affirmed with love and grace.
You've forgiven all your irritants
'til you're blue in the face. 
You gave up salt and sugar
and your diet's really pure.
Although at times you still get gas.
Just why you are not sure.
You've gone here and there and everywhere,
tried everything you know. 
The path that's called Enlightenment
is such a busy show.
So much to do and see and know,
there are so many places
for you to go so you are sure
you cover all the bases.
But after all that's said and done
and all the things you've tried,
there is a truth that you should know
while you are on your ride.
The light you see that seems to be
coming from things you do,
is only as bright as is the light that radiates from you.








Free Animations





Whenever you feel in the dumps,
saddened from here to there,
or when your head is filled with thoughts
of anxiety and fear,
when things get really rough on you
and struggle gets you down,
when nothing seems to go your way,
you feel you're gonna drown,
when throwing in the towel
seems your only choice,
when giving up and quitting
yells your chilling inner voice,
just remember someone's smile
that always seems to say,
"Optimistically speaking,
this could be your greatest day.
You're so very far from finished,
so very far from done.
Hey, there's nothing that's so terrible
that you can't overcome."


That Magic Johnson smile puts you in a winning place,
as you decide to go for it, with a grin upon your face.
That Magic Johnson smile says,
"There are miracles today."
Keep that in mind and then go on
 your merry, merry way.
That Magic Johnson smile says,
"Give it another shot."
His confidence is powerful and is everything you've got.
That Magic Johnson smile,
yes, what a gift, yeah, what a plus.
It's magical every one of us.
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    Take my advice,
    don't take advice 
    on how to pick and choose, 
    on what it is that you should do
    from someone else's views.
    No one knows what's best for you,
    although, they do mean well.
    No one has an inkling of
    what it takes to ring your bell. 
    To follow someone else's rules
    on how to be and live,
    will drive you nuts and off your course,
    should 'in' you decide to 'give'. 
    Take my advice, don't take advice
    from others that you know.
    They cannot see your vision
    'cause they're watching their own show.
    The vision held inside your heart
     is yours alone to see. 
     Take my advice, don't take advice
    from anyone...................but me!




      Miracle ahead~ 


    Wanna see a miracle, something hard to just believe?
    Something grand and glorious, beyond what's up your sleeve? 

    Want to gaze upon a light so bright, and yeah, so bold?
    Want to see what God has wrought more valuable than gold?

    Want to see magnificence, pure genius through and through?
    Want to come in contact with all that?  Well here's a clue;

    It's not that far or distant star or guru that you've read.
    It won't be found above the ground or underneath your bed.

    That something that is so profound and surely not chopped liver,
    is so great and wondrous you just might start to shiver.

    But have no fear your time is here to rise to what is true.
    The something that's guessed it. It is you.


      This is not the end.
    This is just another beginning ~
    Saddle up!

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