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*** Life is just a mirror. ***

~ Life is just a mirror ~  

Deep Pink

Wherever you look, there you are~



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Life is just a mirror  Deep Pink
what is true.
Not what's going
on out there,
but what's going on
with you.



Everyone and everything
that you're surrounded by
is what it is you think
              of you.
I swear it is no lie.
All the thoughts  
of love floating love hearts animated gifor less Mad Face clipart
you've saved from day to day
come back to you as people
for you to judge
some way.


How you feel
about yourself
becomes your reality
as people
that you know
and conditions
that you see.




Life is just a mirror,Deep Pink

what you see


is what you are.
Within the framework
of your mind
your truth is never far.



Life is just a mirror
Deep Pink
what you know
about how helpless
or empowered
the you
you think is so.





Life is just a mirror, Deep Pink
not so easy
to deceive,
'cause what you se


is only what
it is
that you perceive.



Yes, life is just a mirror Deep Pink
that tells you
what you think
about all aspects
of yourself
quicker than you
can wink.



Life is just a mirror,
and here is how
it works;
The more you
feel inadequate,
the more you will see



 Big jerks, small jerks and one size fits all jerks.


Let's suppose
someone you know
is really way 'far out'.
That person is an idiosmiley face blowing raspberries animated gif
to you there is no doubt.
No matter what that person does
they do to your dislike.
What are they doing in your life?
You wish they'd take a hike.
But someone else
who knows the one
you easily berat
may somehow think
this person is just tops and swell and great.
 Deep Pink


(Go figure


They see someone that you don't see,
no ifs, no ands, no buts
When they don't see
the same as you,
you're sure they must be nuts.


The qualities
that seem to be 
and judgments
that seem real,
about the people
in your life,
are about

Deep Pink

Or take
a situation
that you're sure is such
a bore. Smiley asleep 045.gif
Someone else who's in that spot

may see


opportunities galore.

(Go figure.)


life is just a mirror.
Deep Pink
That may be hard to grasp.
That news can be
real freeing
or a real pain in the asp.


A mirror Deep Pink has
its purpose
as it hangs in every room
for you to make adjustments
when you comb your hair
and groom


It isn't very useful
and it doesn't make much sens
The thought is downright dense.
To think of that analogy
it doesn't seem so strange;
to get and see


more out of life,
it's you that has to change


 Yes, life is just a mirror, Deep Pink
so it's logical to say,
that as you know you're special

everything appears that way.  


To see more beauty
and more love
and live abundantly
you first must see much more of that
in the you you see.  


There's nothing wrong
or lacking
in what you call your world.
Your world is just a mirror
unfolded and unfurled.




The more that you
that you see you when
you see   me,
the more you will
get out of life
and the better off you'll be




Yes, life is just a mirror.

Maybe not
what you would wish.
But hey,
that's the way it is.
Get used to it.




Take a good look, you're lookin' good.~


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