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    Soon to be a gospel rap musical, maybe.


    By Harvey Cohen
    Everything you need to know about everything you need to know.
    It's all here. Lighten up!

    Harvey Cohen, behavioral scientist, author, lecturer, conducts seminars for personal
    and corporate growth.   

    © Harvey Cohen

    Published by
    AaaHa! Dynamics Press

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    Section One
    From The Author
    Animated Book

     Whenever things get miserable and you've had it up to here,
    just remember, what you're looking at is only an

    All fear and limitation and struggle you endure
    are the forms of your ideas. B
    elieve me, nothing more.
    Stinkin' thinkin' that you're thinkin' causes you to be
    so much less than really is your potentiality.
    Stinkin' thinkin' keeps you down and doesn't let you through
    to greater opportunities that yearn to come to you.
    All your stinkin' thinkin' come from someone else's head.
    You weren't born with thoughts like that,
    but learned that stuff instead.
    When you sulk, blame and complain or when you criticize,
    or when you're pessimistic taking pessimistic sides,
    all that stinkin' thinkin' come back to you in spades.
    There is no place for you to hide, not even the Everglades.
    'cause your reality gets formed from thoughts you entertain,
    it's up to you to go beyond your thoughts that bring you pain.
    Expanded joy and tons of bliss come about when you
    free your mind to have ideas greater than used to.
    There's no idea you cannot have, no thought you cannot find
    that's greater than your obstacles, no boundaries to your mind.

    There is no one or anything that causes you bad luck.
    It's just your lazy mind that keeps you where you're stuck.

    You were not born with your beliefs of thoughts of limitation,
    but rather like a robot you are programmed information.

     (Look familiar?)
    All struggle and frustration that you feel within your core
    are your ideas 'becoming', however there's a cure.
    A thought that's more expansive than your adversity,
    that you believe with confidence, is your best remedy.
    To think yourself to greater health and wealth and peace of mind,
    don't schlep around ideas of lack, go for the other kind.
    Whenever you feel anxious or feel like you are sunk,
    remember you have choices and new thoughts that could be thunk.
    Choose to push your mind beyond ideas that bring you lack
    and great ideas will come to you.
    Not one, but quite a stack
    There's no idea you cannot have, that's what your mind is for.
    If that not proves that you're divine, then nothing will...I'm sure.
    And should you find yourself some place you really do not wish,
    freedom for you is just as far as another idea. Capish?





    Woe is you

    could wallow in worry,
    be filled with despair.
    You could yell from the rooftops
    how life isn't fair.
    You could scream like a banshee
    and cringe all day long.
    You could knit-pick like crazy
    and sing your sad song.
    You could rehash your woes
    from all the days past, could get off it.





    No brainer #101

    You'll Go Bananas,
    You'll Go Insane
    trying to please all you know.
    Bending over backwards is a vain pain,
    compromise, one hot inferno.
    Whatever you do or whatever you say
    or how hard that you might try,
    you really can't please everyone,
    and here's the reason why;
    Those unhappy with themselves
    only see life's creases.
    No matter how you try to please,
    they'll pick ya all to pieces.

    You can't please those
    not pleased with themselves
    no matter how hard you try.
    They'll find fault with what
    you do or you don't.
    That's what they live for and die.

    You can't please people
    displeased with themselves,
    be they near or be they afar.
    They'll bitch and complain
    about you just the same.
    They can't help it, that's just how they are.

    And people who feel real good about life,
    spreading love and encouragement too,
    will love and accept you and never reject you,
    no matter, whatever you do.

    Yes, trying to please others is their job not yours.
    Of this you must plainly see.
    So whatever you do you must learn to please you.
    It's allowed, and a great place to be. 



    Hey, Rorschach* was right

    * Hermann Rorschach (1884-1922), Swiss psychiatrist,
     introduced his famous inkblot test.


    what you see happens to be
    whatever you project on it,
    coming from see.
    If you're feeling insecure
    and filled with doubt and fear,
    then where you look you'll only see
    your fears, whatever's there.
    And when you're feeling great with you,
    loving and filled with praise,
    then everything to you looks fine,
    no matter where you gaze.
    Yes, everything's an inkblot,
    and the dramas that you see,
    is your imagination
    that you call reality.
    Don't be fooled by appearances.
    Appearances don't count.
    Don't be fooled by obstacles
    no matter how they mount.
    Obstacles and barriers
    are only what you make it.
    You can choose to make it rough
    or you could 'piece of cake' it.
    Yup, everything's an inkblot
    and what you really see
    is only what you think you are
    and feel yourself to be.
    Don't be fooled by people
    who make you mad as hell.
    They are your irritations
    about yourself. Can't you tell?
    What you see in others is
    what's inside of you.
    The more you love yourself,
    the more others love you too. (Hello!)
    Everything's an inkblot with all sorts of things to see.
    What you're sure you see for you I may not see for me.
    It doesn't mean someone is wrong
    with whatever they perceive.
    It only means that what one sees
    is just what they believe.
    Life is just an inkblot with many shapes and forms.
    What you see comes from yourself.
    So who decides the norms?
    No sense arguing who's loose or who's uptight,
    'cause everything's an inkblot and everyone is right.
    Everything's an inkblot. What you see is what you are.
    The problems that you think about
    you'll see quite near and far.
    Everything's an inkblot. Isn't that a scream?
    Everything is really not
    what it appears to be or seem.
    Everything's an inkblot. Get used to that idea.
    Look for something more in life
    and more is what you'll see-a.
    Yes, everything's an inkblot, so don't make such a fuss.
    That's the ride we're on folks. There is no other bus.


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    Yup, there is magic in the moment,
    there is power in the NOW.
    So spend it wise with thoughts you prize.
    They too come about.......somehow.

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